Job Description for the „Communication Expert“

Job Description for the „Communication Expert“ position at „Improving local democracy in Fushë-Arrëz Municipality through increasing transparency and accountability“ Project

Description of the project:

The project “Improving local democracy in Fushë-Arrëz Municipality through increasing transparency and accountability” implemented by Shoqata “Qendra Sociale ne Ndihme te Njerezeve ne Nevoje” Fushe-Arrez (QSNNN) with the support of Instituti për Demokraci dhe Ndërmjetsim funded by the European Union and intended; increase the transparency and accountability of the Municipality of Fushë-Arrëz on environmental issues, by promoting participation and civic pressure, in a perspective of innovation in communication. The project is implemented in the territory of Fushe-Arrez municipality.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Be responsible for supporting the implementation of the project communication strategy and visibility activities.
  • Make public the results of the project and be creative in using communication methods.
  • Formulate messages that reach a high number of beneficiaries.
  • Make public the supporters of the project in various communications on social media;
  • Participate in any project activity in order to publish information and / or messages from the activities.
  • To cover all activities with film material such as photos and videos which will be processed and used for publication on social networks and the association’s website.
  • Be collaborative and work in a team.
  • Be able to make decisions and manage unforeseen situations;
  • Have the ability to build effective working relationships with project staff and partners;
  • Have good communication and presentation skills.


  • Expert, preferably with a profession in the field of environment to provide the necessary expertise in accordance with the objectives of the project.
  • Be able to manage different situations during meetings.
  • Priority is given to candidates who have previous experience such as; communication expert, community expert, facilitation expert, etc.
  • Good job-related reporting skills.

Duration of the contract:

  • 8 months.

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