Service Description for the „Video – Documentary report & media broadcast“ company at „Improving local democracy in Fushë-Arrëz Municipality through increasing transparency and accountability“ Project

Description of the project:

Project “Improving local democracy in Fushë-Arrëz Municipality through increasing transparency and accountability” implemented by Shoqata “Qendra Sociale ne Ndihme te Njerezeve ne Nevoje” Fushe-Arrez (QSNNN) with the support of Instituti për Demokraci dhe Ndërmjetsim funded by the European Union and intended; increase the transparency and accountability of the Municipality of Fushë-Arrëz on environmental issues, by promoting participation and civic pressure, in a perspective of innovation in communication. The project is implemented in the territory of Fushe-Arrez municipality.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Development of concept and video scripts in collaboration with the QSNNN team
  • Creation of short videos 3-6 min as agreed with the QSNNN team
  • Establish appropriate short interviews, beneficiary and stakeholders
  • Editing videos within the allotted time.
  • Meeting donor requirements.


  • Has the necessary qualified human and technical resources to complete the task within the set time with high professionalism.
  • Capacities to develop high quality materials.
  • Creativity to perform the task.
  • Extensive and proven experience in producing and editing high quality videos.
  • Excellent technical capacity.
  • Experience with non-governmental organizations

Duration of the contract:

  • 1 month.

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