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The Association:“Qendra Sociale në Ndihmë të Njerëzve në Nevojë” Fushë-Arrëz – (QSNNN)

General information about “QSNNN”

The Association “Qendra Sociale në Ndihmë të Njerëzve në Nevojë” Fushë-Arrëz – (QSNNN) is a non-governmental, non-profit and independent organization. The object of activity of this center are: Support, support and care for children, youth, women and the elderly as well as undertaking awareness initiatives for the protection of the environment, forests and flora & fauna; study of development trends, problems faced by residents in the development process, opportunities for building a better future of society, economic, social studies, design and implementation of various projects, mainly those that address people in need , contribution to regional and national strategies, contribution to the development of development policies, mainly in the area of ​​Fushë-Arrëz, Puka, etc. Conducting computer courses, learning foreign languages, sports activities, cultural education for different ages, mechanics, electricity, hydraulics, kitchen, tailoring, woodwork, etc. Cooperation in various fields with domestic and foreign counterpart organizations and associations. Organizing various seminars, meetings and conferences for the development of the association’s activity.

Purpose of the Service

The Association “Qendra Sociale në Ndihmë të Njerëzve në Nevojë” Fushë-Arrëz – (QSNNN) has started the implementation of the Project “Civic participation tackles the problems related to waste management, advocating for the acquis transposition into local policies” which aims the increasing of the percentage of waste collected and delivered in landfills (recycled or processed) in compliance with EU directive on waste. The overall objective is closely linked with the impact of the project, as it is the long-term expected effect of the action fulfilling the overall objective. The enhancement of the percentage of waste collected connected with the achievement of a stronger monitoring in the implementation of the policies, a wider participation in the decision making process, a better transparency and accountability and with the decrease of the waste produced through on-site composting methodologies will bring to the impact of the project: the achievement of a more sustainable waste management, in line with the EU Acquis. During the implementation of the project the expertise of a Communication Expert is required. It is preferable to be a professional from the environmental field to provide the appropriate expertise in accordance with the objectives of the project.

1 (one) Communication Expert is required who will be engaged for 35 (thirty five) days (according to the calendar of activities) for a period of 16 months.

Roles and responsibilities that candidates must complete:

  • Be responsible for supporting the implementation of the project communication strategy and visibility activities.
  • Make public the results of the project and be creative in using communication methods.
  • Formulate messages that reach a high number of beneficiaries.
  • Make public the supporters of the project in various communications on social media;
  • Participate in any project activity in order to publish information and / or messages from the activities.
  • To cover all activities with film material such as photos and videos which will be processed and used for publication on social networks and the association’s website.
  • Be collaborative and work in a team.
  • Be able to make decisions and manage unforeseen situations;
  • Have the ability to build effective working relationships with project staff and partners;
  • Have good communication and presentation skills.

Experiences required for the candidate

  • Be able to manage different situations during meetings.
  • Priority is given to candidates who have previous experience such as; communication expert, community expert, facilitation expert, etc.
  • Good job-related reporting skills.

Application Procedure

Interested applicants should submit the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Motivation letter.
  • Examples of previous experiences.
  • Financial offer according to the table below:
NRActivityLocationService periodUnit (day)
Price per unit taxes included
Administrative costs (if any)Total (euro)
Communication Expert, preferably with a profession in the field of environment to provide the necessary expertise in accordance with the objectives of the project
Fushë-Arrëz35 days

Selection process:

Submitted applications will be evaluated:

  • Technical Ability (70%)
  • Financial Offer (30%)

For questions and answers please contact at the address below:


The deadline for submitting the application is October 30, 2021 at 16.00.

The application can be sent in a sealed envelope or by email to the addresses below:

  • With sealed envelope:

Tender: Communication Expert

Shoqata “Qendra Sociale në Ndihmë të Njerëzve në Nevojë” Fushë-Arrëz – (QSNNN)

Rruga: “Demokaracia”, Ish-Zdrukthtaria, Kati II, Fushe-Arrez, Shqiperi.

Fushe-Arrez, Shqiperi

  • Email:


Note: If the application will be sent:

  1. By email – The Financial Offer must be in PDF.
  2. Envelope – The Financial Offer must be in an envelope with you.

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